December 30, Reading 1 – Esther 7, 8


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SAA Notes

An Iranian king could not rescind a law that he had pronounced. It makes you glad you live in Australia today! Mordecai is a good bureaucrat. He knows how to word a new proclamation so that, while it does not rescind the previous proclamation, it makes it inoperable.

SJA Notes

How the fortunes of God’s people have turned, and in exile, in a foreign land!

Haman’s plot is revealed by Esther to the king. Haman is hanged. And the Jews are given the decree that allows them to fight back against their enemies.

And it’s this verse that captures just what this meant, “And many from the peoples of the country declared themselves Jews, for fear of the Jews had fallen on them.”

God’s promise to Abraham is here, all nations of the earth being blessed!

And more, as we think of us as God’s people we can look forward to the beautiful city in Revelation 20, Holy Jerusalem. Radiant like a most rare jewel. Streets of gold.

The THRILL of hope that we have! Hallelujah, come Lord Jesus, come.

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