January 21, Reading 1 – Genesis 27


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SAA Notes

This is a sorry Days of Our Lives story, a warts and all picture of a family of faith. What do you find that encourages you within your family to persevere in prayer and worship?

SJA Notes

The key to much of what happens here, the human sorrow and broken decision-making, rests back in chapter 25.

“Isaac loved Esau because he ate of his game, but Rebekah loved Jacob.”

Look at the problems that come when parents show favouritism with their children, placing one above the others.

Because as well as it being obvious here in this passage, there are years unwritten of this behaviour from Isaac and Rebekah.

So the tension between Jacob and Esau would probably have been simmering for some time. One the mighty hunter. The other a fickle trickster. Nurtured by their parents.

It’s important not to get too drawn into the sadness of this passage, of this family.

Because God has great things in store for Jacob, working much blessing even through his brokenness.

Which is good news for us! God Himself works for our good, but He also works good when we stuff up and make mistakes. It can be hard to see, but His word is clear, our trust is to be in Him, that He will work all things together for our good.

* God Above,

Thank You for Your love for us, that when we were enemies, You died for us in the person of Jesus the Son.

Thank You that You work good through our bad and the bad we see around us.

Please help us in our relationships, one with another, to reflect You and Your love.


January 21, Reading 2 – Job 34, 35


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SAA Notes

Elihu rushes to defend the Lord, but in this whole drama, the Lord doesn’t need man’s defence! He sits enthroned in heaven! Passionate Elihu has a very restricted vision of God – his God is too small! He reminds me of the Islamic terrorists who passionately defend God with their lives. God’s cutting evaluation of the Elihu’s of this world’s is in Job 38:2.

SJA Notes

“For God has no need to consider a man further, that he should go before God in judgement.”

Praise God that Elihu gets it wrong, his understanding of God is limited.

Praise God that He did consider us, from before the foundation of the world!

Praise God that in Jesus, God the Son, set down from before the world was made – That in Him we are considered and spared judgement because Jesus took the punishment that was ours.

This is the good news, the message of God’s word from start to finish.

That God does consider us, that He shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Hallelujah, what a Saviour!

* Father God,

Thank You for saving us, for calling us from darkness into light.

Thank You for Your word. Please write it on our hearts today.

More of You, less of us.


January 21, Reading 3 – Matthew 14:14-36


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SAA Notes

In the midst of grief, Jesus could look at the needs of others and be filled with compassion. He was truly a great man. His resurrection makes Him all the greater!

SJA Notes

There was a song years back about walking on water in a metaphorical sense. Keeping our eyes on Jesus. A good song, and a great reminder, no doubt.

But here we see Peter actually walking on water. Peter! The broken man who would time and again be shown his need for a complete reliance on and trust in Jesus.

He gets out of the boat and doesn’t sink.

What kind of God do we follow? What kind of Saviour has called us out of darkness into light?

One who has complete and utter control over every part of creation itself. He is creator AND sustainer!

He not only wrote the code but created the engine/compiler that knows what to do with the code!

For Him, suspending the physical laws of objects and weight and density is not a problem.

This is our God. This is our Saviour!

It is good to remember that Jesus is not only the energy by which the world was made, but also the energy that continues to sustain the world – And us!

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You for Jesus, who saves us from sin.

Thank You for Your Spirit, who continues to work within us, drawing us closer to You.

And thank You Father for who You are, loving and kind, faithful and true.

May we serve You with all our hearts this day and onwards.