December 16, Reading 2 – Daniel 12


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SAA Notes

In 70AD, the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and millions of Jews in a great war begun by the rebellion of the Jews. The Jewish Christians survived by leaving Jerusalem between the first and second Roman attack, heeding this and Jesus’ similar warning in Matthew 24.

SJA Notes

* Dear God, please show us Your word today.

“Many shall purify themselves and make themselves white and be refined, but the wicked shall act wickedly. And none of the wicked shall understand, but those who are wise shall understand.”

The gospel of the good news of Jesus is for all people!

And yet, the wicked shall act wickedly.

We are to trumpet the salvation of God to the world around us.

And yet, the wicked shall act wickedly.

We are to be fearless in the Lord, grounded in His promises.

And yet, the wicked shall not understand.

Salvation for the sinner is why Jesus first came to earth.

When He comes again a second and last time it will be death to the wicked and life to the saved.

We need Jesus!

* Oh Great God Above,

Please help us Lord God, for we cannot help ourselves.

Please save our loved ones Lord God, please call them and may they answer.

Please arrest sin in our own lives, wash us clean today from the muck and dirt that comes from walking in this world.

Please refine us Lord God, help us to pursue Your holiness.


December 15, Reading 2 – Daniel 11:21-45


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SAA Notes

The Maccabean Jews saw their revolt against the oppression of Antiochus IV as fulfilment of these words, especially v. 32. The power of the great Hellenistic kingdoms was overcome by Rome.

SJA Notes

* God of grace and mercy, please show us more of who You are today from Your word.

“Yet he shall come to his end, with none to help him.”

The message for God’s people at the time of Daniel’s vision is the same message to us.

It is the message we read in the new testament book of Revelation, of the Beast and the Dragon.

It is a truth that God layers over and again throughout all of His word.

Evil will not last, even when it seems as though it will.

God is Sovereign.

Jesus is King over all.

The Lord is EVERLASTING. He is the ALPHA and the OMEGA, all in all.

His word is CREATION and the same word is DESTRUCTION.

The evil powers we see about us today, they shall not last.

But God endures, unchanging on. Steadfast and faithful. Mercy without end.

And how good that is, Hallelujah!

* Gracious Father,

Thank You that we can hold to the truth of who You are – Eternal and unchanging, steadfast in love, abounding in mercy, full of truth and justice, righteous and holy.

Thank You that the powers about us will not last, they are limited.

Thank You Lord for the hope that we have in Jesus, an inheritance like no other – Life in glory, life to the full!


December 14, Reading 2 – Daniel 11:1-20


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SAA Notes

It is revealed to Daniel that the triumphs and defeats of the great powers of the nations are all inside God’s will, even when they exercise their destructive power over Jerusalem Below. The infighting of Alexander the Great’s generals after his death are encompassed in this vision.

SJA Notes

* God Above, thank You for Your word to us today.

“In those times many shall rise against the king of the south, and the violent among your own people shall lift themselves up in order to fulfil the vision, but they shall fail.”

When we speak the truth to each other we prophesy.

A prophet is a truth-teller.

It is a different idea than what the world might think, where prophesy == future telling.

Here is today’s passage we see Jesus truth-telling of the coming future (in Daniel’s time).

The leaders mentioned in this passage are historical figures, and all that is here happened to them.

This was written before it happened, Daniel was given these truths from the mouth of his Saviour, our King Jesus.

Do we believe this?

God raises up. God pulls down. And God has determined this BEFORE it happens (He does not play what is in front of Him, this is not a game of created beings responding to events outside of their control).

Do we believe this?

God’s sovereignty, His mighty will, His intent and power to carry out – These are big important truths.

Let us believe in them!

* Father God,

Thank You that it is You who raise up and You who pull down – The perfect God, without sin, righteous and holy.

Thank You it is not we who have this power.

Thank You that because of what You have done in Your power, the greatest good from the most terrible evil, because of the shed blood of Jesus, we are redeemed for You – Our sin washed clean!