December 11, Reading 2 – Daniel 8


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

Daniel is shown the place that Iran and Greece/Macedonia will have in Israel’s history. Iraq is still the world power. Within Daniel’s lifetime, Iran had conquered Iraq. 200 years later, Macedonia conquered Iran. Because of God’s revelation, God’s people were well placed to survive these catastrophic times.

SJA Notes

* God Above, please show us how to live today from Your word.

“Gabriel, make this man understand the vision.”

Daniel heard a man’s voice, but what a voice!

Jesus, THE Son of Man, commands Gabriel the heavenly being to speak to A son of man, Daniel.

“Gabriel, make this man understand the vision.”

How wonderful it is for us that Jesus gives us understanding. That even with the vast and incomprehensible Sovereign Will of God over and within the rise and fall of nations throughout time – Even in this, Jesus wants us to understand fundamental truths.

That God is Sovereign. That He is in control. That human kingdoms are raised up and pulled down at His command, by His intent.

This is our God!

* Father God,

Thank You that You give us understanding.

Thank You for Jesus’ birth, His life, His blood and death, and for His resurrection from the dead.

Thank You that as we read through the book of Daniel we are able to wrestle to comprehend how Your power is outworked amongst every nation throughout all of time.

Thank You that You are Sovereign. No power can prevail, even when from our limited and frail perspective they may seem to.

Praise Your Name!


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