November 8, Reading 2 – Ezekiel 22


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SAA Notes

When religion goes wrong, it goes very wrong. Murder, idolatry, injustice, oppression, turmoil, rape, immorality, and commercial and bureaucratic thuggery, amongst others things, all flow from hearts that have forgotten the Lord, with terrible social consequences. Verses 30,31 tell us why God sent His Son!

SJA Notes

Look at the abuse of power that happens with false religion, with self-religion.

“Behold, the princes of Israel in you, every one according to his power, have been bent on shedding blood.”

The corruption spreads with violence through a country’s authority/power structures.

And look, look at the results of what is ripped apart.

“Father and mother are treated with contempt in you; the sojourner suffers extortion in your midst; the fatherless and the widow are wronged in you.”

Families, foreigners, orphans and widows – All are treated with evil intent, to be broken apart, to be taken advantage of, roughed up and ignored.

Sound familiar to us today? It should. Because this is what you get when you reject the Creator God. It’s what we see at work around us from the world, even from people who cry loud their great morality.

What else can be seen?

“You have despised my holy things and profaned my Sabbaths.”

Do we take care of corporate worship, do we hold dear to what the bible shows us as godly practice when we meet together, do we set apart the Sabbath and hold it dear (as we are set apart ourselves, as we are to set God’s Name apart, treat it with reverance and respect, bear it well)?

* Holy God,

You are great and mighty, there is none like You!

We are Your people, saved out of darkness into light by Your grace and mercy, through Jesus our King and Saviour.

Help us please Lord to make a distinction between the holy and the common, the clean and unclean.

Help us to regard Your Sabbaths and keep them from being profaned.

Thank You that in Jesus we see the one who stood in the breach before You for us, the land, Your kingdom.


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