November 8, Reading 1 – 1 Chronicles 24, 25


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

Notice how much space is given to these lists of priests, Levites and musicians. The chronicler reminds us that worship was at the centre of the life of David’s kingdom. What is it that is so important about these three – the Levites did all the work around the place, the priests officiated in sacrifices and worship, the musicians provided the music during worship. Such groups are important in our church’s life too.

SJA Notes

“They were all under the direction of their father in the music in the house of the LORD with cymbals, harps, and lyres for the service of the house of God.”

Music is such a powerful wonderful part of creation, showing forth God’s creativity and His grace toward us, that it can cause such movement and yearning within us.

As a kid Tolkien’s “The Simarillion” was a book I read and read and then read some more. It’s not for everyone, but it was so big for me.

Eru Illuvatar (God) creates the universe through song. The Music of the Ainur (angels), all their voices together, spun and wove all of creation into being.

The story is a great piece of literature, the voices and music working with power. The discordant song introduced by Melkor, the evil one (bigger evil than Sauron). Three themes, each one built on the last.

God created sound, song, notes, melody. And He gave to us the ability to create music, to play it, to listen and be moved.

“… for the service of the house of God.”

God’s word is clear here. Music is for the service of the house of God. “Service” is found a bunch of times in this passage, and it’s pretty key.

For us, the heart of music, of song and melody, notes, of creating, singing, listening – It’s about something bigger than ourselves. And our response, our song, is about service.

My Dad says that he sings a joyful noise to the Lord. This truth (Psalm 98, 100) has impacted my life big time.

Praise God for His providence in music. In all that it is for us. And let’s be encouraged to do the praising, oftentimes with song!

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