October 3, Reading 3 – Hebrews 8


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SAA Notes

A lot of this chapter is a quote from Jeremiah 31. The theme is the new covenant. Jesus spoke about the Lord’s Supper in terms of the new covenant that was available to you and me through Him. Jesus’ place of priestly service is in heaven where God’s true tabernacle is.

SJA Notes

Here is this hope that Jesus brings, the mediator of such a wonderful covenant built and enacted on the promises of God Almighty, faithful and true.

That we have in the now God’s law put into our minds, written on our hearts – God’s Holy Spirit at work in us today!

And in the then, when we are brought into the new heavens and the new earth, God dwelling with us His people – ALL SHALL KNOW HIM.

That is the covenant made, the foretaste we have now and the sure hope for what will be in glory.

This is what Jesus brings, the true high priest ministering in the true tent (not the shadow and copy) – Built and upheld by the Lord (not man).

We can be encouraged greatly in this passage that we have in Jesus a loving King, Saviour, Lord, Priest and Friend who is powerful and effective to bring about this new covenant without exception or failure.

Praise God for this!

* Lord Almighty,

Thank You for Jesus, who has brought about and continues to execute this new and better covenant.

Please make us more like Him each day Lord God.

Please write Your word on our hearts each day, as we read and dwell on and wrestle with it Lord.


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