October 3, Reading 2 – Jeremiah 36


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SAA Notes

The disaster that was Nebuchadnezzar did not fall on the church (Israel) without warning. God warned them time and again. None of us will be able to accuse God: “You didn’t tell us!”

SJA Notes

Imagine cutting up God’s specific word to us, ripping it to little pieces and throwing it in a fire to be burned to ash.

It’s almost as though Jehoiakim thought that burning the words on paper made them go away, or that they were not real. And I’m sure too that the king was playing at being a king, making sure those around him knew he wasn’t afraid.

But he should have been!

And if we’re honest, there are times we do the same.

We may not physically rip and tear at God’s word – But we ignore it and forget it and think that it’s a little ignorance and disobedience, not a big one.

Let’s be encouraged to face what God’s word tells us, regardless of how it makes us feel, or what it might mean for our lives (changes, adjustments, truth mirror).

* Gracious King,

Your Word is a light for us, it is our health and strength, it is food for our souls.

And yet we are prone to do the same as Jehoiakim, and put a vain hope in being safe in choosing not to listen.

Help us Lord to face Your word, the truth-mirror, so that we might be Your people in spirit and in truth.


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