October 2, Reading 1 – 2 Kings 2


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SAA Notes

Elisha is confirmed as the prophet to succeed Elijah by the presence of miracles. God is with Elisha as He was with Elijah. Elijah and Elisha’s talk reveals that death for Elijah was not the cessation of life but today being with Him in paradise. Resurrection hope is not just a New Testament hope or belief.

SJA Notes

So here is the miraculous passing from this world to the next of Elijah.

Of sinful mortals, there are only two recorded people who did not bodily die, and Elijah is one of them (the other is Enoch, who we read about way back in Genesis 5).

As a kid this kind of thing always fascinated me.

And while it’s still pretty cool, and I’m sure there’s layered truth and wisdom in there that the Lord may or may not show us over our lives – There is something more important.

Elijah went to be with the Lord! Like David, he believed in resurrection, that he would see Jesus! It’s good to remember too that Elijah was one of the two who appeared on the mount of transfiguration (Matt 17) with Jesus (so not only did he meet Jesus in heaven, he met him on earth too!).

Praise God that we can meet with Jesus as He saves us, and that we can be His people – And that in the helper, God’s Holy Spirit, we can meet with God at any time, casting our cares on Him, delivering over our worries, giving Him praise and thanks and the honour due His Name.


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