October 29, Reading 3 – John 3:22-36


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

John the Baptist honours his cousin Jesus as the bridegroom. What does this tell you about Jesus? Read carefully again verses 35 and 36. If this is true, what then?

SJA Notes

“He must increase, but I must decrease.”

This is a statement that is to be written deep across our heart and mind.

That Christ would be lifted up while we are pushed down. That God would be promoted as we are demoted.

And this is not a weakness. In fact, it requires great wrestling with our pride and selfishness. Meekness, not weakness, is the order!

* God Above,

Please sink us in self and lift You up.

Please help us to point people to Jesus, never to ourselves.

Please increase Jesus in us, and decrease our selfishness, our pride, our brokenness.

So that the glory and honour would rest with You, so that Your Name would be praised.


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