October 28, Reading 1 – 1 Chronicles 7


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SAA Notes

This list is of the exiled and dispersed tribes that had been greatly blessed by God in the past and had been prominent in Israel. God blessed them in their days of faithfulness – will He not do the same for us today?

SJA Notes

Another list of names, phew!

But you know, as we’ve seen, each of them is important, even if we don’t really get it ourselves. There is evidence of their importance just in the fact that they are part of God’s word. We believe the entirety of God’s word is important for us, for our lives. That includes these genealogies.

There are some interesting words on Ephraim here that struck me.

Ephraim, the tribe that in time dominates the north, has tragedy right at the start.

v20-21 tell us that all of his sons were killed by the men of Gath! All of them! v22 says, “And Ephraim their father mourned many days, and his brothers came to comfort him.”

When hardship hits, when tragedy strikes, it is very easy to lose hope.

Praise God that He is God of the LIVING, the death-conquerer, messiah and saviour. He is sovereign and holy, even when we can’t see the reality of that.

This is good to be reminded of.

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