October 24, Reading 1 – 1 Chronicles 2


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SAA Notes

God chose Israel out of all Abraham’s sons for a purpose. Of all Israel’s sons, Judah was signalled out by the Lord to inherit the promises. The Caleb here (v.18) is not Joshua’s Caleb, but the ancestor of Bezalel, the man who constructed the Tabernacle for Moses, a man full of the Holy Spirit. Exodus 35:30-35.

SJA Notes

* God in Heaven, we call to You; save us, that we might observe Your testimonies.

“Ram fathered Amminadab, and Amminadab fathered Nashon, prince of the sons of Judah.”

There a some names in this passage that should ring a bell.

There’s the twelve sons of Israel.

There’s Judah and Tamar and that very messy story.

There’s Achan who took the devoted objects from Jericho and hid them, bringing wrath on Israel.

There’s Nashon and then Salmon (and in here is Rahab from Jericho), and Boza, Obed and Jesse – leading through to great king David.

There are Abishai, Joab and Asahel, the sons of Zeruiah (one of David’s aunties), the troublers of David.

But too, there are a lot of names here that we do not know.

It is comforting that our Lord God knew these people!

He knew them even down to cell by cell. He knew their thoughts, their decisions, their hearts.

This is a comfort for us.

We might be known to some, or we might not – But we are all KNOWN AND LOVED BY GOD.

This truth is of so much importance as to leave any other comparison in the dust.

* Father God,

Thank You that You know us. That You have known us since before the world was made.

Thank You that You have intentionally written Your people’s names, us, in the book of life.

Thank You Lord!


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