October 24, Reading 2 – Ezekiel 3:16-4:17


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SAA Notes

Coming judgment brings a responsibility to those who know to warn others to turn to the Lord from our own bent ways. Ezekiel excites sympathy from the exiles for those remaining in Jerusalem. Jerusalemites looked down on the exiles as God’s rejects.

SJA Notes

God’s warning in the first section of today’s passage has import for all of us!

There are two sets of people who need warning.

The first is the unbeliever, the second is the believer.

God calls Ezekiel to warn both of them. The unbeliever needs a warning that points them to making sense of death, to not die _in sin/wickedness_. The believer needs a warning that exhorts and convicts and encourages them to _not_ sin.

These are warnings that we can deliver, each of us, as the Lord gives us opportunity.

Our friends and family, those we work with, people in our lives – Those that are outside of Christ, they need a warning. We can be a vehicle for God’s word, His warning to all – That we need to sort out our death, to have a solution that makes sense of it!

And our believing brothers and sisters, those we love and care for, those who care for us – We are able to, as the situation calls for, deliver warnings to escape the stumbling blocks that can loom so large.

And it’s important to flip the coin and see that _we_ can have stumbling blocks in our lives, and we need warning.

Let’s be encouraged to heed the warning of scripture, and however the Lord chooses to deliver that warning – Let us listen and humbly let the warning arrest our steps, aright our paths, and point us again to Jesus.

* Sovereign Lord,

Your word is clear to both believer and unbeliever.

Please save our unbelieving friends and family. Let Your Spirit rush over this place, calling the lost to repentance.

And please may we both heed and deliver the warning for believers, that of the stumbling block we may not even see.


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