October 2, Reading 2 – Jeremiah 35


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SAA Notes

The Recabites obeyed their ancestor Recab through many generations by remaining Bedouin and teetotal. The Recabites are examples for us in obedience to the Lord!

SJA Notes

The Lord rewards faithfulness (obedience).

We can see this clearly from this passage (and indeed from all of God’s word).

Specifically, He is looking for faithfulness TO HIM, obedience TO HIS WORD, HIS COMMANDS.

This was true then, when He spoke to Israel through Jeremiah, and it is true today, as we read His word now, as the His Spirit writes it on our hearts.

Sometimes God will ask us to put limits in place that may not make sense, because they limit what is good (parts of His creation that others enjoy).

They might be different to the next believer, they might even vary between family members.

It is FAITHFULNESS that is underscored and bold-weighted in this passage.

Whatever path the Lord determines for us, whatever commands He lays on our hearts (as individuals, as well as families, as well as lineages and as His people in portions and as a whole) – Whatever it is, may we be encouraged and convicted to walk in obedience under His will.

* Gracious Lord and Saviour,

Please equip and empower us, that through Jesus we might walk in obedience under Your rule, Your commands, Your precepts and laws and statutes.

For Your word is good for us! It is life to our souls!

Let us find our purpose in You, for You and You alone are life and health to us.


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