October 2, Reading 2 – Jeremiah 35


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SAA Notes

The Recabites obeyed their ancestor Recab through many generations by remaining Bedouin and teetotal. The Recabites are examples for us in obedience to the Lord!

SJA Notes

* Dear Lord God, thank You for Your faithfulness, please teach us of it today.

“The sons of Jonadab the son of Rechab have kept the command that their father gave them, but this people has not obeyed me.”

The Lord rewards faithfulness/obedience.

Specifically, faithfulness to HIM, obedience to HIS WORD, HIS COMMANDS.

This was true in the _then_, when He spoke to Israel through Jeremiah.

This is true in the _now_, today, as we read His word, as His Spirit writes it on our hearts.

Sometimes God will ask us to put limits in place that may not make sense.

Some of the limits God asks us to put into place will almost certainly be different to those He asks another believer.

They will be different one to another, family members, friends, church families.

But it is _FAITHFULNESS_ that is underscored and bold-weighted in this passage.

Whatever path the Lord determines for us, whatever commands He lays on our hearts – Whatever it is, we are to be encouraged and convicted to walk in obedience under His will.

He works for the good of His people.

* Gracious Lord and Saviour,

Please equip and empower us to walk in obedience under Your rule, Your commands.

You word is good for us – It is life to our souls!

May we find our purposes in You. You and You alone are life and health to us.


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