February 7, Reading 3 – Matthew 26:3-30


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SAA Notes

These verses cover four major events in that last week. The unnamed woman and her faith highlight the darkness of both the chief priests and Judas. What verse speaks to you and to your situation?

SJA Notes

It’s really interesting that the story directly before Judas goes and betrays Jesus (in Matthew’s gospel) is where Jesus points out that we are to give the best that we have, whether we are poor and destitute or blessed with temporal wealth. To acknowledge Him with our thought, word and deed. To pour the expensive ointment, to see Him as WORTH everything that we have to give (and more).

This is the story right before Judas walks out, down the darkened streets (presumable at night), into the vipers nest, to betray Jesus.

Judas just couldn’t understand Jesus! (Remember he was the accountant for the group, he took care of the money bag)

Why would He talk about burial and anointing? Even the other disciples agreed with Judas, why waste that fine expensive perfume?

Judas just couldn’t understand Jesus.

It’s important for us to remember, when we speak with people, that God must open their ears and eyes, their hearts must be broken by the Spirit – For them to truly _understand_ Jesus. To love and serve Him (note that the disciples did get it, eventually! Like us).

* Gracious Lord,

Please help us to promote You in all that we do, to give to Jesus all that we are, our best ointments and perfumes – That what we do would be acceptable to You (the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts).

Please may we point people to Jesus!


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