February 6, Reading 1 – Genesis 44


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SAA Notes

Judah has changed too, as well as Joseph. Judah willingly sacrifices himself for Joseph’s full brother Benjamin, where he once willingly sacrificed Joseph himself to slavery. Judah’s redemption is of moment in the sacred history. Your redemption is of moment too.

SJA Notes

“For how can I go back to my father if the boy is not with me? I fear to see the evil that would find my father.”

Judah steps up here, we see his emergence as a servant leader.

He is willing to sacrifice himself for his younger brother, for the sake of his father.

And if we take this behaviour and place it next to many years earlier – Judah had no problem selling Joseph to the slave traders. His anger at Jacob’s favouritism (and probably other reasons) meant he chose to get rid of his brother regardless of how it would make his father feel.

But here, what a change!

Judah’s thoughts are for his family, for his brother and father.

This gives us hope. We mess up, make mistakes, we choose folly and make silly decisions.

But as God is at work in us we GROW.

Oh that we would be good soil!

* Father God,

Please grow Your word within us, that we would be good soil, the seed bearing forth fruit a hundredfold!

Please mature us in our faith, in our walk before You, that we would grow in our knowledge and understanding and love for You.

Please make us more like Jesus each day.


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