February 7, Reading 2 – Psalm 23, 24


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SAA Notes

Psalm 24 was the psalm that they sang as a closing song at the morning temple worship. On Palm Sunday, the people had just come from singing this psalm, when Jesus rode in through the gate on a donkey! No wonder they sang ‘Hosanna’!

SJA Notes

Two amazing uplifting psalms of great worth!

We have the Shepherd of our souls, the Lord God Almighty.

And we have the King of glory, the LORD of hosts!

We can dwell on and contemplate and take strength from Psalm 23 every day of our lives. With that enduring hope, “… And I shall dwell in the house of the LORD forever.”

David knew of the hope of heaven, life with the LORD!

And the anthem of Psalm 24, drumbeats and stamping of feet, a mighty song of praising God.

“The LORD, strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle!”

Let us be encouraged with these two psalms brothers, read them, wrestle with them, take heart from them.

How good is God’s word! It is important and critical for every aspect of our lives!

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