February 4, Reading 2 – Psalm 19


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SAA Notes

This psalm, too, has been a favourite for believers to memorise for thousands of years. Its thoughts are at the heart of the current debate over intelligent design or unintelligent design in nature. Nature and the Law of God give a twofold witness to the Living God! Two witnesses!

SJA Notes

What a psalm!

V7-11 are a particularly fantastic summary of the importance of God’s word.

V7 begins with, “The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul;”

This should resonate with us. There is more to us reading God’s word, dwelling on it, speaking to one another about it – than just those actions themselves.

God’s Spirit is at work in us, writing His law on our hearts (Jeremiah 31 v31+, the new covenant).

And this law, it revives us, our souls. Refreshes us and warns us, guides us.

Psalm 119 has wonderful synergy in this, particularly v9-16 as one of the segments.

And more, we are refreshed as with the living water Jesus speaks of in John 4.

Instead of the pleasures of the world that continue to dry us out, ever wanting more, never satisfied – Instead of those, we have the living water! A spring welling up to eternal life!

May these wonderful deep truths continue to come alive for us as we continue through the Psalms!

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