February 4, Reading 1 – Genesis 41:50-42:38


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SAA Notes

In the seven years of plenty, Joseph has two sons with Asenath. Children are the blessing of the Lord. In these two, Joseph feels blessed as well as knows it. The brothers before their brother is a most instructive piece. Every eldest has felt like Reuben at some time I’m sure.

SJA Notes

* Dear God Above, thank You for the sun that shines this morning, and for the Son of Righteousness who rises with healing in His wings. Please teach us more of You today.

“Moreover, all the earth came to Egypt to Joseph to buy grain, because the famine was severe over all the earth.”

God is at work.

We see here a famine that stretched across entire countries, over all the earth.

Joseph was able to effect the saving of many people, not just Jacob’s seventy-odd tribe. People from all over the earth came to Joseph to buy food.

But it is Jacob that God has promised much too, it is the seed of Abraham that would bring blessing to all nations.

And here is Joseph the son of Jacob, not in full as Jesus but in part, bringing blessing to all nations.

It is a wonderful testament to God’s grace here on earth, to us, as we walk through this life of travail and hardship.

God works good for us in the _now_, as well as in the _not yet_.

Joseph points us to Jesus, the ultimate Saviour whose saving is everlasting (unlike Joseph’s, which was temporary in nature and power).

Praise God that Jesus came and saved us through the power of His unquenchable irrepressible indestructible life.

* Dear Lord God,

Thank You for saving us from our sin.

Thank You for Jesus, whose salvation does not end or have limits.

Please mark us as a faithful people who walk obediently under Your will as Joseph did.


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