February 5, Reading 3 – Matthew 25:1-30


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SAA Notes

These two parables again make the point: don’t fixate on eschatology (end times theories) or waste your time living unto yourself. Keep watch. Be ready. Use what you have and who you are for the Lord in His higher purposes for your life.

SJA Notes

Three times in the last four passages we have heard Jesus speak about the place where there will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth”.

Chapter 22:13, 24:51 and here, 25:30.

It’s interesting too that Matthew records these references towards the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry (but not the end of His ministry! Never!), as He faces what will come at Golgotha.

Jesus winds things up with a repeated illumination of what it will be like for those outside the kingdom, those who do not know Him as Lord and Saviour.

Are we alert and fearfully (in a godly fashion) aware of what will happen to the unrepentant?

Let’s be encouraged and convicted to point people to Jesus! Our loved one, our friends and family, those around us, those we meet per-chance in a random conversation.

* Father God,

Please help us see Jesus.

And please help us point others to Him, our loving Lord and Saviour.


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