February 19, Reading 1 – Exodus 10


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SAA Notes

The great paradox in Exodus is where it says Pharaoh hardened his heart (9:34), and I the Lord have hardened Pharaoh’s heart (10:1). God is totally sovereign in all things. We are totally responsible for our actions/lives. In the dimensions of eternity, both statements are equally true, though mutually exclusive in the dimensions of our existence.

SJA Notes

“So he went out from Pharaoh and pleaded with the LORD.”

Again we see Moses petitioning the Lord God for mercy upon those who were the enemies of God’s people.

For the man who continued to harden his own heart against God and His people.

Moses keeps on going back to the Lord in prayer for this man!

God had already outlined what we see building toward here, back in chapter 4 when He gives Moses the words to tell Pharaoh,

“If you refuse to let him {Israel} go, behold, I will kill your firstborn son.”

So Moses at this point, toward the end of the plagues, would most likely be dwelling on this word from God. Wrestling with it. These plagues were building toward a terrible and powerful work of deliverance from the Lord for His people.

And even with this, he still continues to bring Pharaoh’s requests for mercy to the Lord, who continues to grant mercy.

How manifold is the goodness of our Lord, that He would bring mercy even to those who reject Him.

Praise God, what a Saviour we have!

* Gracious God,

Thank You for giving to us what we do not deserve.

Thank You for the witness here of Moses, who continues to pray for his enemies.

Please help us to do the same.


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