January 28, Reading 3 – Matthew 19:16-20:16


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SAA Notes

The rich young man has the wrong question – what must I do? The Gospel teaches us to look for what Jesus can do, so that we may inherit eternal life. Jesus faces the young man with his idol, and asks him to seek the Lord first. He cannot do what is necessary! God can!

SJA Notes

Here we read Jesus’ words about another truth layered over what the kingdom of God is.

Because just in case Peter and the other disciples were getting big heads at the idea of sitting on the twelves thrones in glory – Here we get a wonderful rock-solid sure hope and revelation of what it means to be part of God’s people, longing for the new heavens and the new earth.

The promise of glory is the same for the thief on the cross, who was converted in the pain and agony of iron nails rending flesh and bone, in the sun baking down on bare flesh. He saw Jesus at the last moment of his life, and Jesus welcomed him in!

The promise of glory is the same for this person as it was for Enoch, who walked with God so closely, and for so many years, that he was not – for God took him.

It’s the same promise that Methuselah has, who lived nearly a thousand years of faithful service to God.

Do we begrudge God’s generosity?

No, let that never be true of us. Instead, let us be as those who are full of joy to welcome our new brothers and sisters into the kingdom – Where we all share in the joy that is life with Jesus, the promise of living with God as His people, and He with us as our God.

Hallelujah, what a hope!

* Father Above,

Thank You for Your love for us, that sees sinners in their last moments welcomed into Your arms, the kingdom that is everlasting.

Thank You for Your mercy to us, that sees young ones, even those like John who glorified Jesus in the womb, welcomed into Your people, a kingdom of love and joy and peace.


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