January 27, Reading 1 – Genesis 33:17-34:31


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SAA Notes

What happens in today’s reading is the sorriest of stories. It is sordid, violent and bloody. There is dissension within the family over Dinah’s rape. Jacob is all for smoothing things over. Levi and Simeon find their father weak. We are permitted to see what they do in order that we might learn!

SJA Notes

This is a rough passage to read and contemplate in many ways.

There is bad decision-making all over. Giving reign to lust for the flesh, to the desire for vengeance, to being afraid of the world and wallowing in inaction.

Jesus calls us to a different path, a narrow road. True religion of the heart, to follow the Lord, is to choose to live under the His laws, commands, statutes and rules.

When we are tempted to choose to follow after our own desires, let us remember the Lord.

When the world is knocking at the door and beckoning us to folly, let us remember the Lord.

When those around us choose to enter into temptation, let us remember the Lord.

He is our light and strength, our guide and our Saviour. His word is what matters, His love is what satisfies.

May we seek His face today and onwards.

* Dear Father God,

Please watch over our steps today, may we seek after Your face.

Little by little please arrest our selfish ways and worldly thinking. Please aright our hearts this day.

Please mark us as a faithful people, walking on the narrow way, towards glory.

This we pray.


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