January 23, Reading 1 – Genesis 29


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SAA Notes

The convolutions of this family with their scheming and manoeuvring makes for interesting reading. Leah and Rachael go from being close sisters to rivals overnight. Leah is the ancestress of David and Jesus. This fact is one of God’s little ironies of life. From beloved Rachael comes Joseph, one of the best loved characters in the Bible.

SJA Notes

“So Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her.”

There is much sorrow and heartbreak in this passage. Hurtful games and tricks are played. Nobody comes out unscathed.

However, there is something encouraging in Jacob’s love for Rachel. Seven years is a fairly long time.

And even though things go further awry, their love clouded with Leah entering the picture, we can still see a reflection of God’s faithfulness in Jacob and Rachel’s love.

* Gracious Lord God,

Please help us to be a faithful people, as You are a faithful God.

Please help us to be a loving people, as You are a loving God.

Please help us to point people to You, to tell people about Jesus and the joy He brings, the salvation You work, the love You show.


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