January 23, Reading 2 – Job 38, 39


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SAA Notes

Job 38:2 refers to all five men! But Job knows that it refers to him. The Lord is dealing with him face to face! God does not answer Job question as to why this has happened. What God does is reveal His glory, wonder and goodness to Job through the natural creation.

SJA Notes

“Who is this that darkens counsel by words without knowledge? Dress for action like a man; I will question you, and you make it known to me.”

Here we are. We have read through thirty-five chapters of debate, and here God enters the fray!

But God doesn’t really enter into the debate.

The answer that He provides is so alien to the man-is-god understanding that we find ourselves often skipping past what He says here.

“Where were you …?”

There are deep and lasting truths that God speaks to us here.

One. Who God is.

Two. Who we are.

God has shut in the sea with doors. We have not.

God has commanded the morning since the days began. We have not.

God has determined the measurements of the earth, laid its foundation, sunk it bases and laid its cornerstone. We have not!

These are truths that should drive us to Jesus. They should strengthen our trust in our God, as well as striking deep at our pride and arrogance, our selfish desires.

Remember chapter one of Job. The heavenly council, the realities that sit apart from our perception.

This is a God who rules both heaven and earth! He was there when the morning stars sang together, and He is our God, working for us!

Really, here, these chapters are a trove of humbling knowledge and insight into who God is and who we are.

* Creator God,

Please show us today from Your word what You want for us to know.

Please teach us more of You each day. And please show us more of our desperate and utter need to know You as Lord and Saviour.


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