December 24, Reading 1 – Nehemiah 12


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

Key words are: dedication, thanksgiving, celebrate joyfully. Nehemiah records that the celebration could be heard kilometres away. Two choirs were used for this occasion. Choir work has a long record of service in the Church.

SJA Notes

“And the joy of Jerusalem was heard far away.”

What a wonderful word this is!

To read of God’s people, directed by the king (David the man of God, referenced a number of times in this passage), rejoicing with great joy!

This is a word for us today – One to fill our own hearts, that we are the new building, being built ready for Jerusalem above, where our joy will resound through eternity!

This is a good word to be encouraged with today.

* Almighty God,

You are the one true God, holy and righteous – There is none like You!

May we bear Your Name well today as we go about what You have in store for us.

Please write Your word on our hearts today.


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