December 18, Reading 3 – Revelation 10


Audio, Visual

SAA Notes

The Angel is described like Christ, while being quite different. The Angel’s face symbolises God’s holiness; the rainbow symbolises God’s mercy and covenant faithfulness; and the cloud, God’s presence, both protecting and judging God’s people.

SJA Notes

“When he called out, the seven thunders sounded.”

Here is power at work.

A voice roaring like a lion, seven thunders answering and sounding off, a mighty angel standing one foot on land and the other on the sea.

Whatever picture this is painting, whatever shrouded foretelling, we can clearly see that God’s power is at work.

And we can see the responsibility of telling people about Jesus. The little scroll that drives us to preach the gospel to the lost – Because the end of things is not gumdrops and lollipops, nor is it the void.

The end of things outside of Jesus is hell. The end of the wide road, and many there be that tread that path.

As we read of God’s power at work, let’s be encouraged with the power of God’s word at work in each of us, the little scroll, burning in us a desire to point those around us to Jesus – May they be saved!

* Gracious God Above,

Thank You for Your power at work.

Thank You for Jesus, who saves us from our just deserving punishment. Thank You for Your love, calling us from darkness into light, from the broad road that ends in destruction, to the narrow path that ends in glory.

What a hope we have, thank You Lord! A hope in glory!


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