December 16, Reading 1 – Nehemiah 3


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SAA Notes

It is interesting to observe the sorts of people who built the wall as well as those who refused to do any of the work. The same sorts of people today are builders or not of the walls of the living Church – the people of our congregation. The heavenly Jerusalem has a great high wall – an unbreachable security. Revelation 21:12

SJA Notes

Look at the different people that helped repair and build the gates and walls of Jerusalem.

Administrators, church ministers, metal workers, chemists, ceos, neighbours, brothers, blue collar and white collar workers, and royalty.

It’s the same today hey! We all make up God’s family from many different backgrounds, nationalities, situations and vocations.

And all of that mix are part of the building of God’s church!

As Stuart Snr says, it’s also interesting to see those who didn’t help.

It’s a strong encouragement to be people that help, that put our hands up, to give back to the Lord of our time, energy and resources, all things that He first gave to us!

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