December 10, Reading 3 – Revelation 2:18-3:6


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SAA Notes

Each of the seven churches is in what is now modern Turkey. Back then, Turkey was a polyglot mix of almost every nationality under the sun. Idolatry is called sexual immorality in the prophets – the image is that we the church are God’s wife! The idolatry of Thyatira was a mixture of current ideas with traditional Christian belief.

SJA Notes

“To the one who conquers …”

You wonder how clearly the memories in John were here at the winding down of his earthly life, how his King Jesus taught and lived what it meant to conquer.

The upside-down nature of God’s kingdom, that the weak would be strong, the humble lifted high, the small mustard-seed faith.

The conquering through submission and servant-hearted quiet meekness under God’s will.

To arm ourselves with the armor of God, wielding only one weapon, the Sword of His Spirit, His word.

Offering up ourselves as living sacrifices, resisting evil and fleeing from temptation.

Following Jesus. Turning to Jesus, doing what He tells us to instead of what the world says.

This is conquering in the pattern and model set by our Lord and Saviour.

To conquer the world by God living in us (as John layered over and over through his gospel and his letters).

* Great God Above,

Thank You for these messages to the seven churches.

Please Lord God, may we be amongst those who conquer, in Your Name, living You in our lives.

Please be alive in us today and onwards.

Mark us as a faithful and obedient people.


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