November 9, Reading 1 – 1 Chronicles 26, 27


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SAA Notes

Gate keepers/those who police the place, treasurers, army officers/ those involved in defence and offence, political leaders and bureaucrats/those involved in administration. We need people of all sorts of gifts and abilities in the Church of God. Isn’t this Paul’s point in 1 Corinthians 12 – different members but one body?

SJA Notes

We read here how complex it is to run a country of a million-plus people.

Look at all the jobs.

There are accountants, auditors, captains of industry and military, councillors and more.

Even just taking the finance and wealth-management of the kingdom, we can find much depth in this passage.

There is Ahijah in chapter 26 verse 20, who is in charge of the treasuries of the house of God and of dedicated gifts.

In verse 26 we have Shelomoth who had charge of the treasuries of the dedicated gifts (perhaps in conjunction with Ahijah) – Perhaps something like a chief auditor!

In chapter 27 verse 25 we read of Azmaveth who looked after the accounts of the country itself, and then Jonathan who oversaw the management of the city, village and tower finances.

God is a God of order. We see this in how He made the world.

And we see it here in these passages, in the temporal and spiritual structures He instituted and brought about.

So there is much wisdom for us here. Good order promotes a healthy society. Good order is a part of true religion.

We can be encouraged in the work God has for us, the different roles we have throughout our day and week – Because it’s working for the Lord!

* God Above,

Thank You for the work You have done Lord God, in creation and since then – Working for the good of us, Your people.

Thank You for the work You have set for us to do Lord God. Please help us to go about that work with all our might.

Thank You Lord.


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