November 27, Reading 3 – John 19:17-42


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SAA Notes

Joseph of Arithamea and Nicodemus gave Jesus a costly burial, suitable for royalty. It is their declaration that Jesus is their King, their Messiah. They are drawn to Him in His death and confess their allegiance openly.

SJA Notes

* Dear God, thank You for this day, and for Your word to us. Please write it on our hearts through You the Spirit at work in us.

“Pilate answered, ‘What I have written I have written.'”

These are some steadfast words.

Whether he is in glory or not, Pilate here stands strong in his affirmation of the truth of Jesus.


Pilate had been pushed around, politically manipulated, by the Jewish chief priests and teachers of the law, the leaders of the church gunning for Jesus.

And he would be pushed no further.

Whether Pilate became a believer, whether he grasped the depths of what it meant for Jesus to be King – That’s not the point here.

God was working all things through His Sovereign Will. And through Him, His Spirit at work in us, we can understand.

Jesus was the true King of the Jews. God’s people called through Abraham.

And He is the true King of God’s people, who brought blessing to all nations through Abraham.

Pilate’s inscription describes the truth of Jesus. To those at that time who wished Jesus dead. It speaks backwards to all from Adam. And it is true for all time since then and through to the end of days.

Jesus is King!

* Great God Above,

Thank You for Jesus, the true King!

Thank You for Your love for us, that through the death of the king we who were enemies might have life.

Thank You that You open our eyes to the truths in Your word.

Please write Your word on our hearts this day, and each day.


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