November 22, Reading 3 – John 15:17-16:15


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SAA Notes

The treatment of the world is cruel. Hate is the world’s reaction to Christ! Christ’s counter to the hate of the world is the gift of the Comforter. He is come to convict the world and to guide believers into all truth.

SJA Notes

There’s a wonderful clue in this passage to the reality of now, that perhaps we don’t think about too much.

Of the Holy Spirit, the gift that Jesus said He would send and did (keeping His promise to His people),

“… For he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.”

We must be careful not to take this as license to add to or take away from God’s Holy Spirit-breathed out word.

But how then does the Spirit declare to us the things that are to come?

God’s word is layered and deep, holding truths that we can continue to grasp through all our days.

The Spirit opens our eyes to these truths as He sees fit. The Spirit grows within us a longing for glory, to see heaven and earth remade, God dwelling with us and we with Him. The Spirit writes God’s word upon our hearts, teaching us. The Spirit comforts us, reminding us of the real love of God working in our lives.

And surely more. This is a great passage to dwell on and wrestle in our minds what Jesus is telling us.

* Father God,

Our minds are frail, but Yours is strong. Please teach us today what You would have us know from Your word.


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