November 15, Reading 2 – Ezekiel 30:20-31:18


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SAA Notes

In these oracles, government and king are likened to the Tree of Life in Eden – an ancient metaphor, like our metaphor of government providing an umbrella of security for society. Such security lasts a very short time. Eternal security comes through Jesus’ death on the Tree, thus opening the way for us to the real Tree of Life again.

SJA Notes

As with Assyria, so with Egypt.

The warning to Egypt, and to us, is clear.

Are we proud of our height? Proud of the strength or beauty or power that God has given? Proud of the wealth, the abundance, the blessing that our Father has graciously bestowed upon us?

If we are, and this is a temptation most of us will face throughout life.

If we are, then we should heed this warning.

God cast down this tree to sheol. He cast it out.

* Dear God Above,

Please help us to be humble, contrite, always looking to You for strength and wisdom, for guidance.

We have nothing. You are all that is good is us.

Thank You for Jesus.


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