November 13, Reading 2 – Ezekiel 28


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SAA Notes

The beliefs of the King of Tyre are akin to Satan’s. Indeed, Ezekiel is talking more to Satan than to the King in verses 11- 19. Satan, the deceiver then, is the deceiver of world leaders and powers still. He is Christ’s vanquished foe!

SJA Notes

* God Above, please teach us Your word today.

“Then they will know that I am the LORD.”

“Then they will know that I am the Lord GOD.”

“Then they will know that I am the LORD their God.”

Right at the bottom of today’s passage, after extensive prophesies against the Prince of Tyre, the King of Tyre, and Sidon (related power) – We have God layering over His intent again and again.

What is God’s purpose here?


He calls us as He called Israel. Out of the darkness of unbelief and idolatry, our of slavery to sin and evil, and into the light of His face, His countenance shining upon us.

We are called, set apart, made new, born again – And we can KNOW the Creator God. THE King of Kings. THE Lord of Lords.

This is a wonderful truth, a lasting hope and assurance.

To know the Creator, the Sustainer, the Life-Giver.

* Father God,

Thank You that through Your work as Father, Son and Spirit we can know You.

Praise Your Name, Hallelujah!

What a Saviour You are!


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