October 27, Reading 1 – 1 Chronicles 6


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SAA Notes

80 verses are spent on the Tribe of Levi. The worship of God as He instituted worship is of central concern in any rebuilding of the Church, the Israel of God. Ancient Israel’s treatment of Levi was an important catalyst and indicator of spiritual health. The New Testament reminds the Church that her treatment of preachers is a like catalyst and indicator. 1 Thess.5:17,18.

SJA Notes

This passage looks at the priestly families, the high-priestly line, and the cities to which they were sprinkled throughout the promised land (like salt).

The hard reality here is that these priests failed to combat the sin of the people.

Israel still went into exile, and the church couldn’t keep them from their sin. The human priests couldn’t even save themselves, the blood of bulls and goats didn’t wash away their sin.

And isn’t this true today as much as it was back then.

But we have the words written at the same time from Jeremiah, Ezekiel, from Isaiah – Pointing to a better way, a high priest who could offer up Himself, the righteous branch of Jesse, a better saviour!

He is the one who saves, and we the church are the ones who point to Him and Him alone (not ourselves, not the world).

* Father God,

We thank and praise You for Jesus! For saving us, completely and utterly!

Thank You that in You the Son, our saviour Jesus, we see a high priest like no other, one that offered up Himself as the sacrifice for our sin, to have Your just punishment we deserve meted out on Himself.

Thank You Lord!


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