October 26, Reading 2 – Ezekiel 7


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SAA Notes

The end has come! Ezekiel and Jeremiah were unique – their words of doom did come to pass. Notice the closing sentences in chapters 6 & 7: Then they will know that I am the Lord! The exiles were enslaved but safe. When the doom fell, these exiles did remember and believe. From them came the people who inhabited Israel in Jesus’ day.

SJA Notes

* Gracious God, thank You for giving us Your word today.

“They seek a vision from the prophet, while the law perishes from the priest and counsel from the elders.”

What is the leadership of church to be about?

Deeper, what are _we_ to be about?



Are we people who grow our understanding of God’s word?

Are we people who seek out God’s wisdom so that our counsel is right?

Let us be convicted to write God’s law upon our hearts, seek after His wisdom – So that we might be beneficial in our counsel.

* Holy God,

Your word is before us. Please write it on our hearts with Your permanent ink.

Your wisdom is before us. Please may we choose it.

Help us Lord, for we are without ability to walk the narrow way except for from You.

Thank You for Jesus – That in Him we see Your wisdom made manifest.

Thank You that our counsel can be educated and reformed by Your wisdom.


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