October 17, Reading 2 – Jeremiah 52


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SAA Notes

Jeremiah returns to the fall of Jerusalem for a reason. The Temple is dismantled and all its articles taken away. This is the real horror – the Glory of God had departed, and no one realised! Jehoiachin is a fruitless branch of David – he has no surviving sons. The heirship of David passed to a distant line coming from Solomon’s full brother Nathan (Luke 3:31). How thankful we should be that God sent Jesus! The Glory returned!

SJA Notes

Here we read of an end to the wealth and splendour that Solomon acrued.

The captain of Nebuchadnezzar’s guard took away all the gold, all the silver, and it seems most of the bronze (v20, beyond weight).

In 1 Kings 7 we read, “And Solomon left all the vessels unweighed, because there were so many of them; the weight of the bronze was not ascertained.”

Far greater in change though is what the Babylonians did with the people in Jerusalem.

V26 of our passage ends with “… So Judah was taken into exile out of its land.”

So here is the last exile of this age, after Samaria, and previously from Jerusalem.

However it is exile with a crushing blow – The removal of the leadership.

King Zechariah’s sons were killed, his own eyes put out. The leadership of the church and state (v24-26) were taken and then put to death.

A terrible loss.

Except that they had been warned, generation after generation, by the Lord. Warned of the consequences of their turning away from Him. Exhorted to return to the God of Israel, to put away evil practices, to stop following idols.

And so this terrible loss was the just outworking of God’s word of judgement.

Our nations and states, even our towns and communities – They need Jesus! They need to heed God’s word!

* Gracious Father,

To You we cry, please save our nation, our state, our cities and towns, our communities.

Please may Your word go out like a rising wave, Your Spirit reviving dead hearts and seeking out lost souls.

Please O Lord, prepare us for the harvest.


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