September 3, Reading 1 – 2 Samuel 19:9-43


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SAA Notes

David’s return to the Kingdom is followed by party spirit, factions, discord and rebellion. David’s kingdom is falling apart. He doesn’t have any power stronger than the sin and death at work in himself and his family and kingdom. Why do our people, our families, our friends need Christ Jesus? Because He gives the Spirit; He atones for sin and opens up the only way to eternal life.

SJA Notes

Today’s passage continues to show us our need for Jesus.

King David makes both good and bad decisions here, again.

He pardons Shimei (who cursed him, throwing stones as they fled Jerusalem), and refused to have a part in any violent retribution.

Then he refuses to see the truth of the matter with the son of Saul (Mephibosheth) and the servant (Ziba) – Ziba having tricked Mephibosheth.

And it’s Mephibosheth that shows us what to do here, as he says of Ziba getting half of Saul’s land,

“Oh, let him take it all, since my lord the king has come safely home.”

This is to be our attitude!

Are we getting caught up in the worries of earthly matters, of the wrong done to us by those around us – Perhaps we have been cheated, lied to, teased, mocked, beaten or worse.

What are we to do but look to Jesus our King! As Mephibosheth cared only for the presence of David, so we must let go of the hurts and desires and look to Jesus.

* God Above,

Please help us today to seek Your face. Please help us to let go of our worries and cares, the hardships that are bearing down upon us, the niggling injustices done to us that we can’t seem to let go.

Please help us Lord God, for we cannot help ourselves without You.


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