August 6, Reading 1 – 1 Samuel 13


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SAA Notes

Saul is revealed as a Christ who is not of the same heart as God. He acts according to his own will and understanding. He rejects God’s word when it seems politic to do so. Saul is pragmatic to a fault, religiously. His kingdom cannot last! Reflect on who Jesus is and why His kingdom will last!

SJA Notes

* Sovereign God, You have set up a banner for those who fear You, that Your beloved ones might be delivered – give salvation by Your right hand and answer us!

“‘… So I forced myself, and offers the burnt offering.'”

The chosen prince of Israel falls.

Here is Saul, showing impatience with God’s timing, showing fear of man, showing resistance to trusting in the Lord.

But the Philistines were marshalling their armies!

But the people were distressed, afraid – they were scattering!

Saul takes it upon himself to offer the burnt offering, doing what he wants in his fear and pride, completely rejecting God’s commands (chapter ten has Samuel’s words of instruction).

Compounding this bad decision Saul then seeks to justify himself before Samuel and the Lord.

Saul refuses to acknowledge his own failing and instead tries to shift the blame.

How easy it is for us to shift the blame, just like Saul.

Today’s reading is a strong exhortation to our own hearts – Do not be like Saul in this, do not do this!

Instead, we can be reminded of and encouraged in the truth that Jesus remakes our hearts – Because we need a heart after God’s own heart.

A heart full of repentance and belief, of humble contrite behaviour and abounding with grace.

* Dear God Above,

We praise You that in Jesus we can have a heart like David’s heart, following his Lord.

Thank You that Your Spirit is at work in each of us Your people, refining us as through a fire, melting away the dross.

Please mark us as a people who seek Your will, even when it seems at odds with what we are experiencing in the moment.


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