August 26, Reading 1 – 2 Samuel 8, 9


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SAA Notes

David’s victories, men, and mercy are highlighted. The foundation of his kingdom is the Lord – it is He who gives victory! David shows himself here to be like Jesus – going about doing what was just and right and merciful. Think about Gospel events that might parallel these events.

SJA Notes

We can see in this passage the idea of becoming a servant.

David is a conquering king, defeating Israel’s enemies wherever he goes. The phrase is repeated,

“And the [people] became servants to David,”

They became servants to the LORD’s Christ at that time.

With Mephibosheth’s story, all of Ziba’s household become servants to the son of Jonathan. David here seems to be granting full rights and ownership to Mephibosheth of Saul’s estate.

There is an important correlation when thinking about us in this matter.

When we acknowledge Jesus as King of our lives, we become His servants. Fully and completely.

One difference from here in 2 Samuel is that our King is THE Christ, Messiah. He has saved us from the greatest enemy, our sin, one that David could not defeat.

So our service to Him is far deeper and greater than what it would have been for these people to David.

Praise God for Jesus, our King who saved us, and who calls us to be His servants.

* Lord God Above,

Please help us to serve You with gladness and joy in our hearts.

Please mark us with humility, spirits that are contrite, and a trembling at Your word.


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