August 27, Reading 3 – Romans 15:14-33


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SAA Notes

Meditate on the subject of prayer as found in verses 30-33. Is Paul asking for a once-off prayer, or a continuing struggle in prayer with the Lord until He grants our requests?

SJA Notes

* Mighty God, may You shine Your light into our hearts today as we read Your word and approach You in prayer.

“In Christ Jesus, then, I have reason to be proud of my work for God.”

There is a fine line between boasting in self and boasting in the Lord – But here Paul unpacks it a little.

We can show pride (and have reason) for the work we do.


Because of Jesus!

Because the work we do is (if it is indeed) done for God.

We should not be proud of anything we do that is NOT for God.

But exhorted, we can press on, and strive for the work that pleases our King, that through Jesus (His work, His salvation, His righteousness, His intercession) we can be proud of our work for God.

This is a good truth to wrestle with!

* Dear God,

Please convict us today of our sin – Please forgive us Lord God, for we are in need daily, moment by moment, of Your grace and Your mercy.

May we be living sacrifices, holy and acceptable – So that the work we do, for You, we might find pride in – because of Jesus.


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