August 15, Reading 2 – Isaiah 62:1-63:14


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SAA Notes

Our hope is that God will not give up until He has done all He promised, until He has finished us. We might despair at our own ability to change. Look to God’s ability to change you, to transform you into the image of Jesus.

SJA Notes

* Righteous Saviour, please plant Your word deep within us today, and grow it.

“You shall no more be termed Forsaken, and your land shall no more be termed Desolate, but you shall be called My Delight Is in Her, and your land Married,”

Names are important.

As are changes to a name.

“Forsaken” to “My Delight Is In Her”.

“Desolate” to “Married”.

The changes of name here reflect the changes in standing, in blessing, in the “now and now yet” reality that the Lord has effected for His people through Himself, God the Son, our King Jesus.

His delight is in us!

We the church are the bride, joined in marriage with the lamb (God the Son).

We are the “Redeemed of the LORD” – In Jesus redemption from sin is found!

We are “Sought Out” – The Good Shepherd leaves the ninety-nine in safety to go outside the camp and find the one lost sheep.

We were all lost, broken, blind, dead. He sought us out.

Jesus is our Rescuer. Our Redeemer. Our King and Saviour.

In Him we are never left alone or forsaken. This is God’s love to us!

* Holy God,

Mighty are Your deeds and marvellous is Your Name.

Your glory shines forth, please help us to walk in that light and to reflect it to those around.

Please mark us as a faithful people, a people not forsaken, a church redeemed, a bride being prepared for her wedding day.


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