August 15, Reading 1 – 1 Samuel 23, 24


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SAA Notes

David does Saul’s job – he delivers Keilah from the Philistines. The people of Keilah are like us – in their pragmatic ethics. David is long-suffering. David’s unsuccessful attempts to win Saul through sparing his life reveal why we need Jesus – He is the one who could meet a ‘Saul of Benjamin’ but once and win him! Acts 9:1-8.

SJA Notes

“And Saul sought him every day, but God did not give him into his hand.”

There are similarities here between David as the Lord’s Christ for a time (although Saul here was still the anointed one as David testifies) and Jesus, God the Son, the Lord’s Christ in spirit and in truth.

In Luke 4:30 (and previous) we read that the rulers and teachers rose up and brought Jesus to a cliff to throw Him off,

“But passing through their midst, he went away.”

God kept Him from the hand of His enemies. Just as God kept David from his enemy in Saul.

We see here David’s strong and steady conviction in God’s sovereign hand at work and what He has put into place, that putting a hand out against the Lord’s anointed is a thing forbidden!

David trusted that the Lord would fulfil His promises in His time without David needing to take any shortcuts.

Jesus was not able to be taken until it was His time.

It is what C.S. Lewis tells so wonderfully in the character of Aslan giving up his life, surrendering himself to the enemy.

Jesus submitted under His Father’s will, was taken, became a curse for us, so that we would have blessing, life eternal, rescue from the wrath of God.

We can be encouraged in the sure knowledge that God’s sovereignty in our lives is still as potent and in-control as it was for David.

* God Above,

You the Son came to this earth and became a curse, hung on a tree, so that we could be saved into an inheritance of eternal life – Thank You Lord God!

Your mercies and grace abound even if just in this, but in so much more.

Thank You that each day Your word is new for us to read and consume, to unpack and unravel, to grow in big and little steps, day by day, toward You.

Please help us each day to submit under Your will and to go about it in our lives.


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