July 8, Reading 1 – Judges 1:1-2:5


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SAA Notes

Israel begins to drive out the Canaanites and the Amorites from Palestine. It became easier to make the Canaanites pay tribute, so Israel formed a political accommodation with the stronger cities. This accommodation was a direct cause for the ensuing idolatry. Othniel (1:13) became the first Judge of Israel, as well as Caleb’s son-in-law.

SJA Notes

“{Tribe} did not drive out the inhabitants of {Place} …”

It is no coincidence that the last part of chapter one is dedicated to the reality of Israel failing to completely drive out the Canaanites – To do as the Lord had commanded.

We can read the rest of Judges with this lens. It makes clear the _why_ of what happens.

The Lord, both through Moses and Joshua and Himself speaking, told the people that if they didn’t obey Him and drive out the people in the land then they would be a thorn in their sides, causing idolatry, which would bring about the Lord’s judgement upon them.

So what happens?

Exactly that!

Judges is a book that shows us broken leaders, warts and all, as Israel fail and keep failing to remember the Lord. They fail to teach and train and tell the next generation of the works that the Lord has done, to fear and obey Him alone.

This is a good encouragement and reminder to us, to remember the Lord!

* Father God,

You were clear with Israel about the blessings that You bring through obedience and the curses that You bring through disobedience.

Lord please help us to fear You and You alone.

Please help us to remember Jesus, who became curse for us, so that we could and do have blessing.

Please help us to tell the next generation of You, to point them to You and You alone.


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