July 21, Reading 2 – Isaiah 37:8-38


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SAA Notes

We have here King Hezekiah’s great prayer for God to deliver Israel from the Assyrians. Isaiah brings Hezekiah a heartening answer from God, and a deliverance without an army.

SJA Notes

* Father God, please help us see Your truth today.

“For they were no gods, but the work of men’s hands, wood and stone.”

The King of Assyria, Sennacherib, made the mistake most people do.

He assumed that our God was like an idol, gods made by man.

But our God is the LIVING AND TRUE God!

People might take a position that our God is toothless, not real, not worthy of trust, definitely not be believed in.

We see this is people’s attitudes towards Jesus.

And sometimes we see this in our own lives. In our own inaction and selfishness, in our own weakness to follow after our broke hearts desires – to be gods ourselves, to put aside the one true and ever-living LORD GOD and instead put ourselves at number one.

We make gods out of lots of things today. Our intent of worship can get mixed up and diluted as we pander to the world, as we come up against the hard truths in God’s word – so we seek an answer the tickles the ear instead.

God says,

“Whom have you mocked and reviled? Against whom have you raised your voice and lifted your eyes to the heights? Against the Holy One of Israel!”

This word from God was relevant in Isaiah’s time. It was relevant when Jesus walked the earth, preaching the good news. And it is relevant for us today.

* Great God above,

You are the Holy One of Israel, the ever-living Lord and King!

Thank You for saving us out of idolatry, out from our sin.

Please help us to flee from idolatry.

Please be gracious to us merciful Father.


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