July 21, Reading 1 – Judges 16


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SAA Notes

Samson is not an example to follow in his morality and stupidity. His life’s story gives us hope that we too may find God dealing so with us. It gives us courage to yet hope in Him – not because of what or who we are, but because of what and who He is!

SJA Notes

We see here the outworking of Samson doing what was right in his owns eyes (the previous reading, chapter 14:3 and 14:7), in his decision-making.

Samson chooses foolishness instead of wisdom.

How many times did he get ambushed directly after telling Delilah the “secret” to his strength! Surely he would have known she was betraying him?

Such is the life of someone who does what is right in their own eyes. Making flawed decisions that lead to all sorts of terrible consequences.

And really, you probably have to think that in telling Delilah the real secret, at that point Samson was probably betting on his strength staying with him – That his strength was his strength, God couldn’t take it away!

We are not strong in our own strength. If we start thinking like this, if we start doing what is right in our own eyes, we forget God. We forget Him and turn to our own folly.

But we can be strong in Jesus. His strength enables us. He is our redeemer, our righteousness. He is our rock and our king.

A far mightier strong arm than Samson, by far!

* Father God,

Thank You for Jesus, our shield and strength, our King and Saviour.

Please help us to remember You in each step of our lives, to flee from pride and arrogance, from self-belief.

Please help our belief in You, that we might grow in our knowledge and understanding of who You are – That You work Your strength through our weakness.


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