July 10, Reading 1 – Judges 3:5-31


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SAA Notes

You will notice a downward spiral as judge succeeds judge. Othniel marries Caleb’s daughter Acsah. He has the spiritual strength of the wilderness generation. Israel’s long-time enemies are all mentioned – Aram, Moab, Amalek, Ammon, the Philistine confederation. Political decay on a national scale is a dangerous time for any people.

SJA Notes

“And the land had rest for {some number of} years.”

This statement repeated is both a sign of God’s providence to Israel at that time, giving them rest, and also a sign of what is wrong – That these rests were limited, they had a time limit, they were finite.

This clearly points to why we need Jesus, our ever-lasting King and Saviour. He brings about the eternal rest, opening our eyes to God’s resting on the seventh day running through to His ever-lasting kingdom, one that we are in now (seeing as through a glass dimly) and that we will see in full when He returns again.

And God is building for us a new heaven and a new earth, where the rest spoken of in the order of creation will find its fulfilment!

We read in Revelation 21 that this is a place where God will dwell with us, His people, wiping away every tear. Death shall be no more!

Rest eternal!

* Father God,

Thank You and praise You for Your wonderful promises to us!

We hold to the strong and steady hope in the true sabbath rest that You have promised us, life eternal.

Thank You for saving us, for the rebirth from our sinful, broken and desperate hearts that we have in Jesus, our hearts made new.


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