June 7, Reading 1 – Deuteronomy 20, 21


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SAA Notes

War is terrible and horrible. Unregulated behaviour in war produces such bestiality, sadism and cruelty, unimaginable in peace time, that it is no surprise that the Lord gives regulations that mitigate against the extremes of human behaviour.

SJA Notes

These are some hard words, and many of them are easily misunderstood and used as reasons against belief in God.

War. Murder. Marrying Captives. Unloved Firstborn. Penalty for rebellious children (who is quite obviously an adult in this example). Hanging on a tree.

These are dark topics, and hard words.

As Stuart Snr says, God put regulations in place to shepherd and enclose His people as they went about the business of war. They were there to slow the effects of sin. Protection for His people, His land, His kingdom.

The last segment captures our hearts and minds, at least it does mine.

v23, “… for a hanged man is cursed by God.”

Galatians 3 v10-14 helps us see so clearly here.

We were those who relied on works of the law, and so were under a curse. We were cursed because we could not and did not and would not abide by what was written in God’s word.

So Jesus became a curse for us. He was a hanged man, punished with death for crime and crimes He did not commit.

But He did to redeem us! To stop us from being at war with God, peace has come. What good news! What hallelujahs!

Praise God that we have in Jesus our peace. We no longer are at war with the Lord Almighty.

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