June 8, Reading 3 – Luke 12:22-40


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SAA Notes

Worry is a tool the devil uses persistently with us – it is so effective in capturing our minds and taking them away from glorious truths and realities. Notice that Jesus’ antidote for worry includes ready service!

SJA Notes

* God Above, in Your manifold power and love You are intentional about each reading of and hearkening to Your word in our days. Please teach us today.

“Provide yourselves with moneybags that do not grow old,”

God’s kingdom is not about storing up earthly treasures.

Those are finite. They are limited. Shadowy copies.

Instead, God’s kingdom is about storing up heavenly treasures, where moth does not destroy and rust is not a thing, where no thief can approach.

Those are eternal. They are without limit. Heavenly realities.

How do we provide ourselves with moneybags that do not grow old?

We need to know what true treasure is.

We need to know where true treasure can be found.

We need to know how to invest in true treasure.

And as with all things, the answer to these is found in Jesus.

Find forgiveness in Him. Put our trust in Him. Seek Him each day, through His word, conversating in prayer.

Come to Jesus!

* Lord God,

Please re-work our vision to see You more clearly this day.

Please wash us clean from the muck and grime of the world, forgive us Lord for we are sinners in need of Your salvation, Your sanctification.


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