June 4, Reading 1 – Deuteronomy 16


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SAA Notes

Three times a year a Jew was told to come to the Tabernacle to worship. The three reasons for each season are: Remember the cost of your salvation and who bore it, rejoice in the promise of the coming harvest as seen in its first-fruits, and be joyful as you gather in the completed harvest. The New Testament sees the fulfilment of these feasts in the life and ministry of Christ!

SJA Notes

* Holy God, deal bountifully with us Your servants, that we might live and keep Your word.

“You shall not pervert justice. You shall not show partiality, and you shall not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds the eyes of the wise and subverts the cause of the righteous.”

Partiality and corruption go hand-in-hand.

Even wise people can be blinded. Even the cause of the righteous can be subverted.

God’s command to Israel, and to us, is to NOT pervert justice.

God establishes He design for what justice means.

Showing partiality corrupts justice.

Accepting a bribe corrupts justice.

This can be hard to maintain in practice.

Look at the history of the world!

Look closer, at the history of the last few years.

Even closer, look in our own days gone past, our lives even right now – Do we hold up justice?

God does not show partiality – Let us be like Him.

You cannot bribe God – Let us be like Him.

More Jesus. Less us.

* God Above,

Please help us be like You today.

Please write Your word on our hearts, protect us from bribery and showing partiality, from our sinful human natures and the corruption in the world around us.

We need You every day, please save us Lord God.


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